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Get Outside: Canadian Music Fest Day 3

March 12, 2010

328 bands down, only 372 left to go. The first two nights of Canadian Music Week have been incredible and tonight promises even more.

Tonight there’s another great set of lineups full of Canadian talent. Holy Fuck’s Brian Borcherdt is putting on a solo show live at the Music Gallery between Julie Fader and Eastcoster Postdata.

Also playing shows tonight are Our Lady Peace with the first of two back-to-back shows at Massey Hall. Bedouin Soundclash hits the stage of the MOD Club at 8:50pm, legendary Canadian bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur is playing the Chart Attack Showcase at the Horseshoe, and the amazingly talented Catl are starting things off at the Silver Dollar tonight around 7:30pm.

All tickets and details can be found through the festival schedule of the CMW website.


Get Outside 11/21: local thrash legends Sacrifice come back to the Opera House

November 20, 2009

For Toronto metal fans, there is only one go-to gig this weekend: Sacrifice at the Opera House. The band, long dormant, is a legend of 1980’s thrash metal worldwide, and after reuniting three years ago have finally released a new comeback album, The Ones I Condemn. Eye Weekly has an excellent re-cap of the band’s career this week. They’ll be shredding alongside Maximum RNR, E-Force and Spewgore, Saturday, Nov 21 at the Opera House (735 Queen E) $20.

After that you might want a quiet night off so don’t forget City Sonic airs Sunday at 11pm on Aux TV. This week’s episode focuses on Secret Societies, featuring films with Brian Borcherdt of Holy Fuck, Lioness, Cancer Bats, D-sisive and Woodhands.


Brian Borcherdt also releases new album for free!

November 19, 2009

Another day, another City Sonic artist with a new album you can download for free. Brian Borcherdt, best known as the maestro fronting electronic improv collective Holy Fuck, also makes beautiful solo music on acoustic guitar. He has just released a collection of his previously unheard solo demos called Torches and it’s available right here from label Hand Drawn Dracula. Enjoy!


City Sonic: Brian Borcherdt (Holy Fuck) at Sneaky Dees

July 16, 2009

We are proud to release the third film of the City Sonic Toronto music series today on YouTube.

Director George Vale, 2009

East Coast boy lands in Toronto and infiltrates the experimental music scene. His live debut at the Wavelength series had unexpected results. Now a global success, Brian takes us inside Sneaky Dee’s and back to the origins of Holy Fuck.


Interview with Director George Vale

July 16, 2009
Director George Vale

Director George Vale

GEORGE VALE has shot music videos and more with everyone from Broken Social Scene and Stars to the Rolling Stones and Alice in Chains. For his first City Sonic film we sent him to Sneaky Dee’s to uncover Brian Borcherdt of Holy Fuck’s stories about Wavelength.

LL: Give us your “elevator ride” pitch: the concept for your film in three sentences or less.
GV: Brian Borcherdt gives a brief history of the scene surrounding Sneaky Dee’s, focusing on the Wavelength series and how it brought so many musicians together. Set to the music of Holy Fuck’s first LP, the episode graphically illustrates the connections between the individual artists and the paths they took to become the bands they are today, using Brian’s personal story of how influential Wavelength was to him and to many other successful bands.

LL: What was the biggest challenge shooting in this location?
GV: Trying to find a place to draw our Toronto indie rock hall of fame in Sneaky dee’s bathroom. It’s graphed up so much we had to peel one of the mirrors off the wall to find some open real estate. Now everyone’s going to be trying to find the map right? Or someone will find it in ten years when everyone included in the map is famous and living in LA and they declare Sneaky Dee’s bathroom wall a Heritage Site making the place impossible to tear down.

LL: What did you learn about Brian that surprised you?
GV: That he was as shy and funny as he was. Maybe that’s ‘cause I know him from playing guitar and jumping around on stage as much as he did in By Divine Right and his new music’s pretty lit up as well, so his on-stage persona is a bit of stretch when you meet him off stage. His solo record is more like Brian’s personality.

LL: Do you have any favourite vintage film “toys” to play with in your work too?
GV: The only old-school film thingy that I use that could compare to Brian’s sound/film synchronizer is some old scratchy leader I layer to give images a fatigued, period or documentary look. The leader’s been digitized so it’s not even in its natural form so I guess my vintage gag is a bit lame compared to Brian’s. Sorry, lovin’ digital technology too much these days, but I do know where to get a hand crank movie camera and some arc lights.


Flickr Gallery: Production Pics from “City Sonic: Brian Borcherdt (Holy Fuck) at Sneaky Dee’s”

July 14, 2009
Toronto music hangout Sneaky Dee's.

Toronto music hangout Sneaky Dee's.

Check out the new set of behind the scenes pics from “City Sonic: Brian Borcherdt (Holy Fuck) at Sneaky Dee’s”.


Production Diary: Brian Borcherdt (Holy Fuck) at Sneaky Dee’s

July 13, 2009
Brian Borchert (Holy Fuck)

Brian Borchert (Holy Fuck)

From its burritos to its punk rock shows, who doesn’t love Sneaky Dee’s? But I’m not sure I’d volunteer to spend extra time in the bathrooms there. We wanted to draw a “family tree” of all the bands who’ve played at Wavelength, and the only spot was in the upstairs men’s room. Brian Borcherdt, who once lived right down the street, was very accommodating. He even spent some extra time making up a few fantasy Wavelength bands on his own to add to the tree…


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